RIFF JTAG Manager v1.74, RIFF Box Firmware v1.48 Turbo Mode for RIFF Box v1

Hello dear RIFF Box users !

We're proud to announce newest updates for RIFF Box v1 and RIFF BOX v2:

RIFF Box Firmware v1.48
- New SD/MMC Interface is added for RIFF1: the CPLD is used for data shifting at max 8MHz rate.
As the eMMC signals the TDI, TMS, RTCX, and TDO signals on JTAG Connector are used. Read/Write speeds at 8MHz are aprroximately 800KB/sec - read, 365KB/s - write.
Since the new SD/MMC Interface shares the JTAG port connector, in the JTAG Manager in the SD/MMC Interface list, it is named as 'JTAG';
- The eMMC Read/Write speeds for GPIO (RJ-45) SD/MMC Interface are increased: 260KB/s - read, 360 KB/s - write (compare with Firmware 1.47: ~198 KB/s - read, 190 KB/s - write)
- The eMMC Read speeds for RIFF2 (30PN) SD/MMC Interface are increased: at SD/MMC Clock Speed = 34MHz: ~9.50MB/s - read (compare with Firmware 1.47: ~7.80 MB/s - read)
- The eMMC Write speeds for RIFF2 (30PN) SD/MMC Interface are increased more than 20x(!!!) times: at SD/MMC Clock Speed = 34MHz: 6.40MB/s - write (compare with Firmware 1.47: ~390 KB/s - write)

RIFF JTAG Manager v1.74
- ExtCSD Register's fields 177, 179 and 162 (BOOT_BUS_CONDITIONS, PARTITION_CONFIG, and RST_n_FUNCTION) are now displayed in eMMC connection info ("Check eMMC/SD Card" button or eMMC Advanced Actions Dialog's "Read Info from eMMC")
- Added selection of SD/MMC H/W Interface: currently are available:
> 1. RIFF1 SD/MMC Interface @RJ45 Connector
> 2. RIFF1 SD/MMC Interface @JTAG Connector
> 3. RIFF2 SD/MMC Interface @30-Pin Connector
- Added real-time RIFFBOX status (in StatusBar): the BOX revision (RIFFBOX1/RIFFBOX2) and Firmware version
- Improved switching on-the-fly of the JTAG Manager's specific to RIFFBOX revision parameters, immediately when the new box is connected to PC while JTAG Manager is running.
- Schematics picture is updated (RIFF JTAG Pinout button on the Resurrection page). Schematics picture is now displayed depending on the box revision - RIFFBOX1 or RIFFBOX2.
- Fixed buffer overrun bug in RIFF2 firmware, which caused getting chaotically corrupted data during the eMMC Read operations
- Added one-time Start Trial Period feature for RIFF v1 users

RIFF Remote Helper v1.10
- Added support for RIFF v2 hardware
- Added support for new drivers
- Remote Helper is now included with setup package by default.

You can download new files from RIFF Box home page: